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After a quite long experienced as a Manager of PT.Holidays World Tours & travel agency in Bali, year 2007 i Veronika Syukur native of Flores Komodo Island together with the other staff of our own agency of Flores, we decided, to help our goverment in order to improve the turism in Labuan Bajo Flores Komodo Island. We opened our office as well as opening our site for internet www.komododragontravel.com ( Phone: +62 385 42 059 ; fax +62 385 42059 ; Mbl +62 81 337876334



Relatives of Komodo dragon have been found in fossil records in Australia. Today the Komdo dragon is only found on the Island of Komodo, Rinca, and Gili Motang (all within Komodo National Park). The Komodo dragon is an endangered species and Indonesian Law strictly protects this unique reptile.
Scientists estimate that Komodo dragon may live for 50 years. They believe dragons reach sexual maturity in 6 - 8 years. The mating season occurs in July and August and the female lays 15 -30 eggs between August and September.
The 88 mm long eggs have a soft, pliable shell and are laid in holes on hillsides or in stream banks. The eggs hatch is 8 - 9 months; hatchling dragons are about 35 cm long and weigh an average of 80 grams. For the first 5 years, young dragons often live in trees, catching insects and geckoes for food, while avoiding being eaten by larger dragons.
Komodo dragons are active only during the warm daylights hours. They emerge from their holes around sunrise, bask in the sun to raise their body temperature, and begin looking for food. During the day, they are often found in the open savannah and sparse monsoon forest searching like deer, wild pig, water buffalo and wild horses. The Komodo dragon is camouflaged and blends into its surroundings. It hides along game rails waiting for its prey. Well known for their huge appetite, a 2 meter, 50 kg dragon can eat a 40 kg deer or wild pig in one meal. Sometimes a water buffalo or wild horse is killed and eaten by several dragons over 3 - 4 days


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